Carbon C60 oil

C60 is a carbon molecule (fullerene) discovered in 1985. C60 in oil, an antioxidant. C60 is shaped like a football. Through our own unique mixing process, we dissolve the C60 into small nanoparticles within the oils. Nanoparticles are so small that they can move freely through the body. There are three different Carbon C60 oils: C60 in Olive Oil, C60 in Avocado Oil and C60 in Coconut Oil.

Composition of C60 oil

If you would take C60 pure unresolved C60 particles are too large. The dissolution of C60 in oil into nanoparticles has to be done by a special mixing process. This process takes several weeks. Nanoparticles are tiny particles that can move freely through the body. Our C60 oils are based on extremely fresh and high-quality organic oils. The mixing process takes place in an environment free from air and light. This is critical for the preparation of an optimal C60 oil. When the mixing process is complete, the C60 oil goes into a Miron violet bottle. This is a special bottle “Miron Glass”, it only lets the ultraviolet light through, so light has no negative influence on the C60 oil and gives a positive effect on the shelf life and condition of the C60 oil.

Combine the oil properties with C60:

C60 in organic olive oil

First pressing of organic olive oil enriched with pure C60 99.9+%. This is the most commonly used oil. Olive oil is a prominent part of the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, an important source of antioxidants. This C60 oil can sting a little in the throat when swallowed. This can be rinsed away well with a sip of water. Or to keep in under the tongue, for a while.

C60 in organic avocado oil

Mild tasting organic avocado oil enriched with pure C60 99.9+%.

Combine the natural power of avocado with C60.

C60 in avocado oil contains a great composition of vitamins, including a high vitamin E content. It is rich in oleic acid and contains healthy fats, an important source of antioxidants. C60 in Avocado oil has a milder taste than C60 in olive oil.

C60 in organic MCT coconut oil

Mild-tasting C60 in organic coconut oil enriched with pure C60 99.9+%. Combine the properties of coconut and MCT fatty acids with C60. The mildest tasting C60 oil of these three oils.


When ingested, it is a good idea to keep the C60 oil under the tongue for a while. This allows the C60 al to be absorbed in the mouth. This also reduces the irritation in the throat when swallowing.

C60 in Miron violet glass

Miron Violet Glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of the violet part. This ensures that the contents can be kept protected for a longer period of time. At the same time, it is permeable to radiation in the spectral range of UVA and infrared light, which is weather positive. That is why we only use this glass to preserve the quality and shelf life.


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